Laughlin River Run

The 28th Annual Laughlin River Run is the West Coast’s largest motorcycle event. The event held on Wednesday April 21 through Sunday, April 25, 2010. This four day event, held in Laughlin, Nevada, usually has over 70,000 attendees and boasts of great live entertainment, scenic rides and superb bike shows.

History of the Run

Laughlin River Run was started in 1983 with 426 participants by Harley-Davidson dealer Dale Marschke, who just wanted to take his customers and friends on a fun weekend ride through the gorgeous west desert terrain. The ride now has over 70,000 participants. The ride has largely been free of major motorcycle accidents. However, there have been a few notorious brawls and motorcycle accident fatalities over the years.

“The 2002 River Run Riot”

In 2002, the Laughlin River Run rally was spoiled by an altercation between two rival motorcycle clubs at Harrah’s Laughlin Casino. 3 bikers were killed. 13 motorcyclists were injured. 9 bikers were arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Dangers of Riding in Groups

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is not maintaining space between individual motorcycle riders within larger groups. During the 2008 Laughlin River Run, two men died after clipping each other’s handle bars. The men weren’t wearing helmets and both sustained fatal massive head injuries.

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