A 70-year-old man was killed in a June 16 motorcycle accident after he collided with a semitrailer on I-215. Larry Ith of West Valley City was entering the freeway as a semi was attempting to pass in the far right lane. The motorcycle merged while on the southbound onramp from S.R. 201; both the man and his bike fell under the rear axles of the truck. Mr. Ith died at the scene.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Mr. Ith at this time and hope they will find some measure of comfort.

While neither fault nor reasons for which the accident occurred are entirely known, it is important to recognize the risks involved in operating any sort of motor vehicle, and in this case, motorcycles. Road safety is the priority for all involved, and familiarity with common risks to motorcycle safety will decrease the likelihood of future accidents.

There are several reasons why motorcycle accidents are so dangerous. These include motorcycle drivers being more exposed to general injuries and head injuries, road surfaces and obstructions in the road, uneven payment transitions and poor surfaces. Bad road design and hazards (street lights, blind corners, debris, uncovered drainage pits and pot holes) are all realistic impediments to safe driving.
It is not known how many of these played into the untimely passing of Mr. Ith, but surely controllable factors such as the increase of road safety measures and the elimination of rider distractions should be a constant focus.

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