KSL reports that after being thrown over his motorcycle, Christopher Sly, a 40-year-old man from Harrisville, broke both his legs and received possible head injuries, even though he was wearing a helmet.

An SUV driven by 26-year-old Kent Redford made an unsafe U-turn, cutting off Sly’s path. The motorcycle had no time to brake (police saw no skid marks) and crashed into the driver’s side at about 45 mph. Sly was thrown over his motorcycle and is now in the the Ogden hospital with compound fractures in both legs. Sly is in “pretty serious condition,” according to police. The motorcycle was wedged underneath the SUV, and the vehicles had to be pulled apart. Kent Redford received a ticket for the U-turn.

Motorcycle accidents have been on the rise in Utah, and Weber County Sheriff Captain Tyler Greenhalgh says, “People just need to be aware of motorcycles; they’re hard to spot sometimes and hard to notice, and stuff like this shouldn’t happen, doesn’t need to happen.”

We at Christensen & Hymas sincerely hope that Christopher Sly recovers quickly from his injuries. We also want to encourage every motorcyclist to always wear a helmet, regardless of the length of the trip. Drivers can be unpredictable, and fatal accidents can happen within seconds. This accident show just how fast things can go wrong.

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