Best Motorcycle Routes in Utah

Looking for beautiful routes to travel in Utah? offers some ideas for beautiful rides here in the Beehive State. We recommend getting started on these routes, or at least planning to see them later on in the year while the weather is cool! According to this website, the routes are chosen based specifically on how good they are for motorcycle riding, as there is “nothing like a good motorcycle road.”  When rating routes across the United States, Motorcycleroad uses a special algorithm based on reviews to calculate the popularity of the routes. According to motorcyclists’ reviews from around the country, four specific routes here in Utah have made the “Top 100” roads to ride.

Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon (#29)route1

The Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon route is ranked #29 on the best routes and rated a “must-see” route.  Reviewers recommend traveling the 293 mile route from east to west starting in Mexican Hat. It will take you through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Bryce Canyon National Park.

The Grand Staircase (#34)


The Grand Staircase— Escalante Monument Tour covers 130 miles from Panguitch to Torrey and offers beautiful cliffs, buttes, plateaus, mesas and canyons to see. There are hikes-a-plenty along the way. Be aware of the lack of roadside amenities. One particular reviewer cites the road from Boulder to Escalante as being one of the prettiest stretches of road he has ever been on.

Mt. Nebo (#57)


The Mt. Nebo Loop Road route runs from Payson to Nebo Loop Road. Easy and relatively straight to travel, it takes you only 37 miles down one of the country’s official DOT scenic byways. You will travel through Uinta National Forest and pass Mt. Nebo, the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountain Range, which towers at 11,877 feet. This route. the shortest of the four recommended here in Utah, is recommended particularly in the fall because the color changing in the leaves magnifies the scenery.

Heber to Hannah (#75)


Coming in at number 75, the Heber to Hannah route (including the Wolf Creek Pass Loop) takes you in a 122 mile loop from Heber City to Park City. If you live in Utah or Salt Lake County, this route is probably very familiar to you. That, of course, does not make this route any less beautiful or worthwhile! This route is also recommended in the fall.

Fun Facts

Now that you have your summer travel plans set, here are some additional fun facts provided about motorcycle riding to take with you on your journeys.

  • On average, there is 1 registered motorcycle for every 49 people in Utah (contrasted with South Dakota, which has 1 motorcycle for every 12 people).
  • Bud Ekins, an American Triumph dealer, not Steve McQueen, made the famous 65 ft motorcycle jump in The Great Escape. Ekins made the jump on the first film take.
  • In earlier days, Honda motorcycles were pushbikes with generator engines. These bikes were used in the army and were built with field telephones attached.
  • Kawasaki also makes spaceships, and Yamaha also makes swimming pools.
  • Evel Knievel holds the world record for breaking the most number of bones and surviving. His real name is Robert Craig Knievel. 
  • The nickname Evel is said to have been given to him by police when he was jailed alongside William (Awful) Knofel. Knievel used a double in the film Viva Knievil. During his stunt career, Knievil spent a total of three years in hospital. When Knievil came to Britain to jump 13 buses at Wembley in 1975, he refused to drive his Cadillac on the left-hand-side of the road, insisting on driving on the right.
  • The Fonz (aka Henry Winkler) couldn’t actually ride a motorcycle.

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