most common motorcycle accidents

If you want to keep your rides safe and fun, you need to be aware of the most common motorcycle accidents and know how to avoid them. If you are riding defensively and aware of your surroundings, you are more likely to remain injury-free. In our work as Utah motorcycle accident lawyers, we come across some types of accidents more than others.

Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents become more severe as speed, bike size, and the influence of alcohol increase. Check out this list of common crashes and tips on avoiding them:

Cars turning left/changing lanes into motorcycles

  • These are some of the most common motorcycle accidents because bikes are smaller and less visible than cars. Watch carefully for cars that may pull out in front of or merge into you.

Hitting gravel

  • Unexpected gravel can throw you off of your motorcycle, especially if you are riding fast. Slow down in areas where road conditions may change suddenly.

Turning corners too fast

  • Turning tight corners at high speeds is rarely a good idea. You can easily lose control of your bike or hit unexpected objects or people. Take corners at reasonable speeds.

Front brake locking

  • Sometimes, braking too quickly can cause your front brakes to lock. You can get thrown from your bike if this happens. Brake gradually and don’t follow other riders or drivers too closely.

Getting doored

  • This happens when someone opens their car door without looking and it hits you as you ride past. Avoid riding alongside parked cars.

Driving/Riding under the influence

We hope that this information and advice will help you avoid the most common motorycle accidents and crashes in general.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today. We are dedicated to getting motorcyclists the compensation they deserve, and will work with the responsible insurance companies and doctors to help you in every way you need.

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