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Did you know that there was over 6 million registered motorcycles on United States highways in 2007. As the popularity of motorcycles has continued to increase, so has the rate of accidents and fatalities. Over 40,000 motorcycle riders died in accidents last year, and the number of motorcycle rider fatalities in Utah is at a 5 year high. Even though there has been a dramatic increase in the number of “new” riders the fact still remains that over 80% of multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists are not the rider’s fault.

Crashes involving motorcycles result in the most serious of injuries. Traumatic brain and spinal injuries, broken limbs, road burns, and very often, death. Statistics have shown that motorcycle accident victims are 32 times more likely to die then automobile accident victims. These stats are thanks in no small part to the very nature of motorcycles. Motorcyclists are, for the most part, unprotected from collisions. Despite the mandatory use of helmets, a high speed collision with an automobile that weighs over a ton almost always results in traumatic injuries for the motorcyclist.

A leading cause of Salt Lake City motorcycle injuries continues to be driver inattention. Cars regularly pull in front of motorcycles, make left hand turns in front of motorcycles, swerve into motorcycles while changing lanes, and even run into motorcycles that are stopped at stoplights. This is not the only cause of motorcycle accidents, however. In fact, any combination of harsh weather, defective products, and poorly maintained roads can all contribute to serious motorcycle accidents. The Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorneys at Christensen Law Firm have the experience to examine the specifics of your accident and help hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

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