On Thursday January 7, eighteen year old Alma Brown of North Logan was riding northbound on Route 91 when he crashed into a semitrailer. Deseret News reports that a witness was on the phone, complaining that this motorcyclist was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, when the Utah motorcycle accident occurred. Police were able to send emergency crews immediately which probably saved Mr. Brown’s life. Although Mr. Brown was wearing a helmet, he still sustained traumatic injuries and currently remains in critical condition at the McKay-Dee Hospital.

I hope that the injuries this motorcyclist sustained are not catastrophic. I pray that the young man has a complete recovery. Our thoughts are with the victim of this Utah motorcycle accident and his family.

Thorough Motorcycle Accident Investigation Needed

As Utah personal injury attorneys, we highly recommend a complex investigation into this motorcycle accident. Although there is a witness accounting that the motorcyclists was speeding, there are some factors that should be addressed. Other witnesses need to be contacted and to verify this assertion. The motorcyclist was riding a bullet bike, which conjures up the stereotype of irresponsible speedsters which may or may not have influenced the witness. This young man was riding his bike alone, in the evening when it was already dark and in the freezing winter conditions. The roads may have been slick. The witness may have been driving at a slower speed than posted by the speed limit sign to compensate for the road conditions. According to the Deseret News report, the vehicle hauling the semitrailer was in the process of turning left when the motorcyclist collided with it. Investigation of the road and who really did have right of way and whether or not Mr. Brown was speeding do need to be addressed.


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