Case Summary

Almost a year ago, a Los Angeles man was killed in a motorcycle accident on just off I-15 in Washington City near St. George Utah. According to the Utah Highway Patrol, a drunk driver in a Ford Explorer made an illegal left turn in front of the victim, Leland Lloyd, causing him to crash his bike and hit his head on the SUV. Mr. Lloyd died at the scene of this Utah car verses motorcycle accident from his massive head trauma and internal bleeding.

My deepest sympathies go out to Leland’s family and friends for their tragic and sudden loss. Criminal charges have been pursued against the driver of the SUV who was arrested for automobile homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol, having an open alcoholic beverage in the vehicle and making an improper left turn.

What are Your Legal Rights

Our Utah Car accident lawyers advise accident victims of their legal rights. For this motorcycle accident that occurred in Washington County, Utah, the family members of the deceased motorcyclists may be able to make a claim for Survivor Loss Benefits and a Wrongful Death Claim. A wrongful death claim is completely separate from the criminal charges the State of Utah will bring against the at-fault driver. According to Utah Statute, family members of the deceased are limited to making a wrongful death claim for one year from the date of the tragic loss. The attorneys of the Christensen Law Firm, PLLC, highly recommend that the Mr. Leland’s family members contact an experienced Utah motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss their legal options before it’s too late to file a claim.

An Experienced Utah motorcycle lawyer can assist victims with a Wrongful Death Claim even if the family members reside in a different state. If the car accident occurred in Utah, the victim’s family members will need to find a Utah personal injury attorney. Accident victims should not speak with the insurance adjuster of the at-fault driver before consulting with an attorney.

Legal Information is Available

If you would like more information about your rights after a Utah Motorcycle accident, you can order a FREE copy of our legal guidebook, “7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case.” We will send this important resource to you immediately. For more information about Utah Accident Cases, visit the Christensen Law Firm website at or if you would like to speak to one of our skilled Utah car accident attorneys about your case feel free to call us at 801.506.0800.<–>