Having a hard time thinking of what to get the motorcyclist in your family for Christmas? Well, here are some ideas of motorcycle gifts for the enthusiast on your Christmas list. Whether they are a seasoned biker or are riding for the first time, here are 7 things that anyone who owns a motorcycle will use and love.

Picture of the book "7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case."1. 7 Mistakes Book

Add our book 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case to the stocking of any motorcyclist. We will send it to you for free and it is loaded with great tips for dealing with an auto accident that every driver needs to know. Oh, and did we mention that it is free?

2. Luggage

Whether you are bringing home groceries, going to work, or heading on a road trip, motorcycle luggage is extremely handy. They come in so many different types (saddlebags, backpacks, rear packs, and bar bags), that you can easily find something that is sure to please.

3. GoPro

Photo taken by a GoPro camera mounted on the side a motorcyclists helmet as he drives down a highway.Alright, this one may not be a necessity but it sure will make those scenic rides much more enjoyable for the motorcyclist in your family. The GoPro camera is perfect for mounting to the body of any motorcycle, and you can even buy mounts to attach the camera to the side of a bike helmet. The high-quality motion capture of this camera will help preserve the highlights of their adventures and wanderings on the open road, which they can relive time and time again.

4. Battery charger

Especially when taking a scenic tour, the last thing any motorcyclist wants to deal with is a dead battery. But if it does happen, having one of these small, portable battery chargers will save a lot of time and hassle. Even if they do not have room in the saddlebags of their bike, this would be a great tool for the person on your list to have on hand in their garage anytime.

5. Motorcycle cover

Keep their bike protected from the bumps and bruises of every day life by getting them a motorcycle cover. A motorcycle cover will help prevent their bike from rusting by protecting against moisture from the weather outside and the humidity inside their garage. Even if they use their bike regularly, a motorcycle cover is still a good idea to protect their bike’s paint job.

6. First aid kit

Every bike should have one on board, but how many do? Make sure that your loved one is well prepared should an emergency arise. Give them a first aid kit that has the gear and materials to help them in case they are in an accident in an area with no cell phone reception or where help is a ways away. The great thing about giving a first aid kit is that you can assemble it yourself to save some money. Just research the needed materials to include in a motorcycle first aid kit, fit them in a waterproof container, and you are good to go!

7. Mini portable air compressor

Protect your loved ones this Christmas by giving them a gift that will keep them safer out on the road. A portable air compressor is a great gift for any motorcyclist because it makes airing up those tires quicker and easier than ever. No more waiting for the next fill up at the gas station to add needed air to their bike’s tires, because now it’s as easy as going out to the garage.  But besides the added convenience, keeping their tires pumped up using an air compressor will lessen their chances of having a blowout at high speeds or in bad weather.

Hopefully now you have some ideas of what motorcycle gifts to get this Christmas for the bikers on your list. But before you hit the stores, we here at Christensen & Hymas would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Images courtesy of Christensen and Hymas and Pixabay.